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So what does this mean?

A commercially successful website attracts visitors through the search engines and then converts those visitors into customers.

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Web Design - Atticus 7

Web Design

First Impressions count

Great design give you a huge advantage over the competition, as it builds trust immediately. However, it’s critical you understand your visitors’ needs and expectations. If you fail to match their expectations, your visitor will be clicking that back button and on to your competitor’s site quicker than you can imagine.

Research has shown that 20 milliseconds is all it takes for a visitor to make a judgement about your site. And it’s a purely emotional, right-brained response. It happens before they’ve had a chance to read anything, let alone digest and process it rationally. Put it this way – if you are a funeral director, and your website is lit up like a fast food restaurant, your visitors will run a mile!

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Wordpress Web Development - Atticus 7

Web Development

The Power, Flexibility and Reliability of WordPress

We develop exclusively in WordPress.

Now over a decade old, WordPress has evolved into a sophisticated, adaptable and robust content management system.

And yet, updating your website is still a very easy task.

CNN and the Wall Street Journal and the NHS have WordPress websites – 15% of the top 1 million visited sites use WordPress.

WordPress is great for SEO, great for Social Media Integration, great for mobile. And these days can be pretty much anything you like: a blog, a lead-generator, an online shop, a members-only site. You name it, it can probably do it!

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Online Marketing - Atticus 7

Online Marketing

Don’t let your website be a billboard in the desert!

Your website may be the most spectacular ever built, but if it’s never visited by anyone, then it’s a complete waste of time.

To be commercially successful, your website must be found on Google for the products or services you sell.

Atticus 7 can devise and implement Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies for your webstite.

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